Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Many Faces of Rob.

he's going to hate me.
but i think he already does.
and it's funny.




Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I found this on youtube.
I thought everyone should know.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Awkward faces and not-so-good quality photos.

totally worth it.

"So can you like, see up my nose?" Allison Bush.

"I need my haircut!!!" Hannah Engelson.

No words to describe. Georgia Rhodes.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flea Markets and Cheesy Movies.

Today I got to shoot feature for the paper.
I was so happy.
I don't understand why Angeli doesn't like feature assignments.
I hope one day she loves them as much as I do.

At first I was kind of scrounging for what I wanted to shoot, but then I saw a sign for a flea market not too far from where I was.
So I drove the three miles in the direction of the arrow that the sign pointed me in,
and it led me to the Antique Mega Mall parking lot.
I think it's important to note that I go to that antique shop all the time, in fact I was just there last Friday purchasing an old 8mm film camera. man.
I was quite concerned because it was already 2:30 pm and the market was over at 3, but I got to meet some interesting characters and had some great conversations.

This is Steve Levesque. He lives in Lansing and likes to decorate his house in qhat he calls "shabby chic." We had conversations about hunting at flea markets and he called it an illness. In his words, "you get to the point where you are purchasing just to buy, even if there is no purpose for the item."

He said that he's only been selling stuff for the past month or so because he's just trying to clean out his house. It's time to free yourself a little from items that are weighing you down."
p.s. he sold that radio flyer figurine for 50 cents.

This is Keith Marshall. He's been selling at flea markets since about 1975. He said he got started when him and his wife moved to farm land, where they began planting small crops of corn. Every Saturday he would take 70 ears of corn to the local farmers market and sell it for $1/ear. It continued when his kids needed pairs of blue jeans. He used to go to garage sales and could never find the right sizes of pants for his kids, but he would pick them up anyways and sell them later on. After that, it became a hobby for him and his wife.
He told me all kinds of stories about different items he purchased for dirt cheap thta ended up being worth so much money.
He stumbled across a clay bowl from South Mexico that was made between 800 A.D. and 1200 A.D. He still owns it.
My favorite story he told me today was about a lady in a wheelchair that stole an egg beater from his booth right in front of him. He just watched her because he didn't want to yell at someone in a wheelchair.
That makes me laugh every time I think about it.
Look at how creepy his eyes look in the glasses. It looks as if you can actually see his eyes, but in reality it's the reflection of a white van.
Look closer.Photobucket

Oh and last night I watched an amazing movie.
circa 1987. ha.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kids and dogs....this can't be good.

So if I were ever to get a dog,
I would want it to be 13 years old like Buster.
He just does what he wants
and is awesome.

I shot these about a week ago for the paper. Kids reading to dogs, what a concept.


He does what he wants.

Quit strangling him!
okay, I lied, he's mid-yawn, but really, Georgia not being fond of kids is starting to rub off on me.

Fun. Boredom. Yappers.

This is a photo I took today at the Explore Africa Workshop/Camp for gifted high school students. I found that the better moments were during their break time in between the workshops.

quit starin' at me.

and finally.
i thought i would end with a rant about how much rachael ray yaps. I have nightmares that her mouth is just going to engulf me and swallow me whole. I don't know, but she is the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard to me.
Just listen to hear say "Huuuuuuulk Hogan" and want to cut your ears off.

much love.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Theios and Birthdays.

I'm about to pull a Jason.


So it’s 12:16 am and I am sitting in a booth at Theio’s, listening to the awful radio in the diner and drinking coffee that is so hot its bubbles are making me nervous.

There is a couple sitting directly in my view and just watching them interact is better than any television show [I fucking hate tv], they are adorable and make me so happy. They make direct eye contact with each other when they are having conversation, that’s not something I see very often. If I had to guess, I would say they have been dating for about a year and a half. Instead of kissing or sitting on the same side of the booth, their hints of affection are more subtle, like good conversation and an occasional touch of the hand. No fidgeting or nervous laughter, they are completely confident and secure, and I think it’s the best thing in the world. Soon things will probably turn sour, but not yet.

Speaking of love, I have these jackasses in the booth to my left, and I think one of them is intoxicated. There’s three of them, two guys and one girl. The guy sitting across from the couple is the drunk one, and he is going on tangents about love and it’s hilarious listening to his stupidity. One of his more noteworthy quotes: “Dude, man….I love you, you know that bro. And I love that you guys are so in love and I would never try to fuck any of that up. And you know what, no matter how MANY times you guys have broken up and gotten back together, how many times has it been, FOUR times? Well anyways, fuck man, you guys have been through SO much! You guys are going to get married!” At that moment, Lisa, the waitress, sets down the sloppiest burger in the entire world and he procedes to take the largest bite I have ever seen. With burger still lingering in his fucking loud-ass mouth, “DAWWWG…who’s going to be yo best man? You know I’m going to be your best man, come on dawwg.

I don’t know when breaking up and getting back together four times constituted going through so many trials and tribulations that you DESERVE to get married. Congratulations, you guys suck so much as a couple that you’ve broken up four times, man you guys are ready to head down the aisle! Piss on them.

Oh good, this coffee has cooled down now, no more bubbles.

So, it’s my birthday now. I’m twenty. Man, it snuck up on me. I was thinking about past birthdays earlier, and it’s so funny the ones that stick.

I was twelve, I believe. My parents had finally let me have a birthday party with friends, I got a beanie baby from Sam Way and my mom and my aunt planned a treasure hunt for me and my friends, I got way too into it, so did my dad.

I was thirteen, and I had a birthday party at the park, that was the last birthday with Papa [ my grandpa], and I just remember getting scratch-off lottery tickets winning 60 dollars and thinking it was the coolest thing in the world. I also remember how fat I was, how I was wearing a pink tank top and a yellow old navy visor, with my hair in French braids, I was quite the sight. I think I got a boombox that year. I still have it, I think it’s the one my dad threw at my door.
Skip ahead.

16: I had my first serious boyfriend, but we were still in the early stages. Oh James, I had the biggest crush on you. I woke up early that morning, went on livejournal and read a letter that James had wrote to his ex-girlfriend talking about how he wondered what she was up to now, and describing funny memorable experiences they had in the past, and with some fucking Brian McKnight lyrics dedicating them to her.
He got me a gold necklace that had been hidden in my basement. I still have it somewhere.

17: No more boyfriend. My parents got me my first camera, I went NUTS.

18: Dustin and I went to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner. I had some sort of shishkabob, made inappropriate jokes about it, and threw a peanut that landed in some stranger’s water glass. We were immature and I liked it.

19: Dustin and I were on the outs, and he really wanted to go to a Tiger’s game on my birthday. At first, he was just going to go without me, that ass. He finally put two and two together, “oh she loves baseball, AND it’s her birthday…maybe I should take her.” Well fuck! Really I didn’t care about him buying my ticket, I just wanted to be invited, I mean, he was going with our friends anyways…dumbass. It was funny and I was pissed.

So now I’m twenty and probably more responsible and immature than ever and I miss my mom’s funfetti birthday cake. Damn.
I'll give you an update on the funness my friends and I will have tomorrow. I'm sure there will be documentation.

I hope everyone read all of this.


Much love.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Late Fourth.

I spent some time at home with my family.
I spent some time in Grand Haven with Ross's friends and a friend or two of mine.
It was fun.












Sunday, July 6, 2008

Music and Faith.

Here is a case where the photo is such a strong moment and so straight-forward.

This is a case where the photo is more intricately composed, yet the moment itself is not even on the same radar as the above one.

So what do you choose?
hands down.

Much love.