Friday, June 13, 2008

I walked a good 3.5 miles back to my apartment after work at 11 pm.
Don't quote me on the distance.

this is a tree that was illuminated by a streetlight. i thought the colors were nice for really late at night.
but obviously i should have exposed for the street lamp and then flashed the rest of it without losing the integrity of the tree colors from the light,
or else just not shot with the light in it.
which is very apparent throught the blown out lamp and the sunspot or whatever you want to call it.
but i really don't care.
it was a long walk and i had to find some way to amuse myself.
plus i was too lazy to bust out my flash.
enough complaining.

i think the shutter speed on this was like 150 with an aperture of 3.2 and an iso of 1600.
much love.

oh and in case you guys were wondering.
it only took me about 45 -50 minutes to get back.
not too shabby.


1 comment:

Nichole said...

happy accident. I actually raelly like it this way.