Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Yabba Dabba Doo.

I can't afford to get sick.
But I do.
The other day while I was laying on Yael and Sarah's futon sick to my stomach,
I came to ask myself...
could this all have been prevented if I would have just taken my Flintstone vitamins?


And then the question turned to, how many would I have to take for it to have an affect on me? I mean, technically, I am smaller than I was when I still took the vitamins when I was a kid. But the inside of my body is older. hmmm....

After scouring the internet to find a much needed answer to this question, I decided to settle on reading the discussions and forums for helpful advice. This 19 year-old guy wrote on a yahoo forum asking if it was okay that he was taking 3 Flintstone vitamins a day, I found the responses quite humorous.

My two favorite were:

Response #1: None (as in don't take any), ur too old for that and u should start taking protein.
I personally like his use of the word you, or should I say, "u". This guy might be on a protein overdose.

Response #2: Why don't you just buy some adult vitamins that you take once a day. And if you just like the children's gummy vitamins for the taste then go get some gummie bears and call it a day.
Flintstone vitamins are NOT gummie, nor should they ever be gummie. They are a chalky solid goodness. I am severely offended.

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