Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthday post once again.

So last year I sat in Theios yapping in the blog of mine about past birthdays of mine.
And now I'm sitting very uncomfortably in a chair that is quite possible the most comfortable chair of all time.
this is awkward.

I wish I could update more with photos, but I am still temporarily without a digital camera. So I have my argus that I have been shooting with a lot, but I haven't quite developed much of the film yet. Any of the film to be exact. I'm poor.

But I love summer. So much, and although I love summer, I can't wait for fall to start. This summer is somewhat good in its own right, but it just isn't THE summer at the house on Gunson. No meals being cooked with friends, no drinking. I still ride my bike, but there isn't any of my friends in Ravenna to ride with me. No darts throwing. No drunken watermelon that leads to sticky floors and sticky records. No jalepeno in the eye. Like where are my dirty sexy messy girls?

For those who don't know (which is everyone),

I can't get a student loan for the life of me.
And for those of you that are close to me,
you know that my entire funding of education depends on student loans.
Now, I don't necessarily blame this on economic times,
because well, other kids are still getting loans.
My parents decided to not cosign a loan for me this year.. Their decision is their own, and I can't do anything about it.
And honestly, I can't get a student loan on my own. I was told that I need a cosigner by all of the banks.

so in other words,
i can't afford to go to brooks.
i can't move to cali.
i can't afford to go to MSU.
i'm in my third year at school, so i don't know what a community college would do for me.

because of this whole situation occuring last minute,
i passed all of the deadlines for fall internships. <--- sucks terribly.

but there is hope.
i can go to kendall college of art and design.
which is something that I CAN AFFORD because of federal grants and a federal student loan.
and can continue on the plan to live with robot, which makes me smile sooooo big.

so that is where i am at right now.
i'm in this completely odd transitional period and i know that once fall begins i will finally have a little bit more stability.
i've just been so busy trying to everything straightened out with college stuff, financial stuff, and i cannot wait to move out of ravenna again. jesus.

I'm kind of stuck in this tornado of stuff that is completely being whipped around me, and I'm trying to tame it.
And finally I'm starting to have a life again.
So after the first half of summer being completely chaotic and resulting me in becoming quite hermit-like,

its my birthday,
so i'm going to do what i do best.

have fun, obvi.
and wishing that dirty sexy messy could be here to have fun with me too.

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