Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun faces.

I was walking down Washington Ave in Grand Haven from my friend Molly's birthday party about two weeks ago and I noticed this couple sitting inside a store, just kind of relaxing. AWESOME. Keep in mind, it's like 1 in the morning and the store is clearly closed.
Anyways, here's the story.
A sidewalk sale for all of the stores on Washington Ave, in Grand Haven was taking place Saturday, August 9th. The owner decided that moving all of the items back inside for the night would pointless only to bring them out again in the morning. Instead, Nancy, an employee of Michigan Rag Co, volunteered to camp out inside the store in order to keep an eye on the items left outside. She dragged her husband Dave along for the night, and he looks pretty content doing the crossword in the paper to me.
After talking to them, they seemed so happy and were having such a good time people watching and especially loved laughing at the people leaving the bars late at night.


This second one is actually from my friend Molly's birthday party that I was talking about previously. She asked if she could have a portrait for her birthday present. Of course I LOVED it. The dress that she is wearing was a gift from one of her friends and I think that it's lovely. Of course she is sitting on Ben's lap, and he looks pretty wonderful as well. HA.

This is my brother Kyle, aka Crum. I love him, 'nough said.
This was one morning at one of my other brother's [Wes], Blue and White football scrimmage. It was really fun. Crum and I would put on this football helmet and hit each other as hard as we could.

And finally, Nichole. She was stressing out while trying crank out an audio slideshow on deadline. Man, I'm glad this girl is back at the Snews.

Okay, I promise my next update will be of either bees or senior prom. riiiiggghhhhht.

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